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News and Events

February 2006: IIT President Lew Collens visited us on Wednesday, February 15th, and was updated about the status of our two hybrid electric vehicle projects: (1) developing a plug-in conversion kit of a Ford Escape hybrid vehicle of the City of Chicago and (2) hybridizing a transit bus.


February 2006: EPPEC faculty and students are collaborating with All Cell Technologies, LLC, to convert a Fort Escape hybrid vehicle of the City of Chicago to plug-in hybrid.



January 2006: Mr. Michael Polsky, President and Chief Executive Officer of Invenergy, LLC, visited our laboratories in the Electric Power and Power Electronics Center (EPPEC) and presented a seminar titled "Future of Energy Generation and Utilization" to a packed Siegel Hall Auditorium of faculty and students as part of the 2006 ECE Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series on January 27th.


September 2005: We hosted the 2005 IEEE Vehicular Power and Propulsion (VPP) and SAE International Future Transportation Technology (FTT) Joint Conference.

August 2005: MPC Products Corporation (MPC) and Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) hosted the three Topic A finalist teams of the 2005 International Future Energy Challenge, August 15-17, 2005. The three finalist teams, University of Belgrade, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and University of South Carolina, presented advanced energy efficient electric motors for home appliance applications. The motors were tested at MPC, 7320 North Linder Avenue, Skokie, on Monday, August 15th, and Tuesday, August 16th. The student teams gave presentations about their projects at the McCormick Tribune Campus Center at IIT, 3201 South State Street, Chicago, on Wednesday, August 17th. Piyush Desai from MPC Products Corporation, Ali Emadi (Coordinator) from Illinois Institute of Technology, Mehdi Ferdowsi from University of Missouri-Rolla, Nick Nagel from MPC Products Corporation, Shailesh P. Waikar from Black & Decker, and Jia Xiaochuan from Regal-Beloit Corporation served on the judging committee. At the end of the three-day final competition, the judging committee announced the following awards:
  • First Place (for $10,000) - University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Outstanding Design Innovation (for $6,500) - University of South Carolina, USA
  • Outstanding Educational Impact (for $2,000) - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
  • Outstanding Presentation (for $2,000) - University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Outstanding Technical Report (for $2,000) - University of Belgrade, Serbia

May 2005: Prize Paper Award of the Best Vehicular Electronics Paper from the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology for the paper titled "Hybrid electric sport utility vehicles" published in the September 2004 issue of the transactions. The Award will be presented at the Fall Vehicular Technology Conference to be held in September 2005 in Dallas. (Paper: J. M. Tyrus, R. M. Long, M. Kramskaya, Y. Fertman, and A. Emadi, "Hybrid electric sport utility vehicles," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 53, no. 5, pp. 1607-1622, Sept. 2004.)

May 2005: Prof. Emadi received the 2005 Richard M. Bass Outstanding Young Power Electronics Engineer Award (single award) from the IEEE Power Electronics Society for his outstanding contributions in the multidisciplinary field of power electronics.

May 2005: Prof. Emadi received Honorable Mention (Faculty who best met the 5-day rule) from the Office of Sponsored Research, Illinois Institute of Technology.

May 2005: Mr. Danny Leitao received the Best Power Electronic Presentation Award for Spring 2005 for presentation titled "Analysis and comparison of a new family of ZCS resonant converters."

May 2005: IIT hosted the IIT's 24th Magnetic Conference. 

April 2005: Our Interprofessional Project (IPRO) 326 titled "Hybrid Electric Vehicles" received the Spring 2005 Second Place Overall Presentation Award at IIT's IPRO Day on April 29, 2005.



April 2005: Prof. Emadi received the Best Professor of the Year Award (single award voted by the ECE students, organized by the IEEE Student Chapter).

December 2004: IIT President Lew Collens visited the Grainger Power Electronics and Motor Drives Group on Thursday, December 9th, 2004. More

April 2004: Mr. Fernando Rodriguez received the Illinois Graduate Fellowship for his Ph.D. studies.

April 2004: Prof. Emadi received the 2004 Sigma Xi/IIT Award for Excellence in University Research (single award) from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

February 2004: Prof. Emadi has been named the Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer for 2003 (single award) by virtue of his outstanding contributions to hybrid electric vehicle conversion, for excellence in teaching, and for his involvement in student activities. Outstanding Young Electrical Engineers have been recognized annually since 1936 by the Eta Kappa Nu Association, the Electrical Engineering Honor Society. Award winner selection is based on outstanding technical contributions, service to community and nation, cultural and aesthetic achievements, and professional activities. Dr. Emadi will be honored at the 68th Annual Awards Banquet on May 3rd in New Jersey.

February 2004: Our hybrid electric vehicle research was featured on NBC 5/WMAQ-TV's Chicago Auto Show Special February 7 and 8, including interviews with Dr. Emadi's graduate students Srdjan Lukic and Fernando Rodriguez. Video Clip

December 2003: Mr. Sujay S. Irudayaraj and Mr. Fernando Rodriguez received the Best Power Electronic Presentation Award for Fall 2003 for presentations titled "Comparison of Harmonic Spectra for Sinusoidal PWM and Random PWM Inverters in AC Motor Drives: A Critique Analysis" and "Output Voltage Ripple Cancellation with Parallel Flyback Converters," respectively.

November 2003: All the four nominees of the Power Electronics Lab (Mehdi Ferdowsi, Abdolhosein Nasiri, Aly A. Aboulnaga, and Srdjan Lukic) received the Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Award.

November 2003: Prof. Emadi received the Best Session Paper Presentation Award at the IEEE 29th Industrial Electronics Conference in Roanoke, Virginia, for the paper titled "Torque ripple minimization in DTC of induction motor based on optimized flux value determination," by S. Kaboli, M. R. Zolghadri, S. Haghbin, and A. Emadi.

October 2003: First Place Overall Award, 2003 IEEE/DOE/DOD International Future Energy Challenge announced at the IEEE 38th Industry Application Society Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah.



October 2003: Prof. Emadi presents the ECE Distinguished Speaker Seminar titled "Hybrid Electric Vehicles vs. Fuel Cell Vehicles: Facts and Fictions."

June 2003: Mr. Mehdi Ferdowsi has won the Joseph J. Suozzi INTELEC 2003 Fellowship from the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) Education Committee. This award is a one-time $10,000 INTELEC grant for the recipient. Mehdi's Ph.D. Dissertaion is titled "Advanced Digital Control Techniques for Integrated Power Electronic Converters."

May 2003: Motor drive system designed and implemented by the IIT's Team for the 2003 International Future Energy Challenge performed very well and was the only system completing most of the tests including the overnight durability test during the final testing. The teams are waiting for the awards to be announced in summer 2003. More



May 2003: IIT's student finalist team for the 2003 International Future Energy Challenge received the Second Place Winner Award at the 8th Annual IIT Research Conference.



May 2003: Andrew Carson Baisden received the Third Place Winner Award at the 8th Annual IIT Research Conference for his undergraduate research titled "A Model of a Battery and an Ultracapacitor for HEV's."



April 2003: Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) at IIT is restructured.

April 2003: IIT's Team has been selected as a finalist in the 2003 International Future Energy Challenge sponsored by IEEE, DOE, DOD, NETL, and others ( Final testing will be held on May 21-23rd, 2003, in Raleigh, NC. Dr. Ali Emadi is the faculty advisor. Student team members are: Aly A. Aboulnaga, Piyush C. Desai, Anthony Villagomez, Fernando Rodriguez, Timothy Cooke, Jeffrey Szekely, Marina Kramskaya, Valliy K. Dawood, Hani Bodak, Mark Ihimoyan, Sahar Kohanim, and Loren McDaniel.

February 2003: IIT Consortium on Advanced Automotive Systems (ICAAS) is established.

February 2003: IIT's Team Competes in the Semi-Final of the International Future Energy Challenge. The 2003 International Future Energy Challenge (IFEC) is a student competition sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Motor Resource Center and Advanced Energy, and others ( Mr. Anthony Villagomez is the student leader for IIT's team. He received a travel grant from the IFEC to attend the IFEC Workshop in Miami, FL, Feb. 10-11. He presented a status report at the workshop.

February 2003: IIT received Honorable Mention from the Power Sources Manufacturing Association (PSMA) - The Multi-National Power Electronics Association for the power electronics initiatives with the support of the Grainger Foundation. The Honorable Mention was given during the 18th Annual Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) Dinner on February 9th in Miami, FL.

December 2002: Prof. Emadi's Interprofessional Project IPRO 326 titled "Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Simulation, Design, and Implementation" received Fall 2002 IPRO Recognition Award for Exceptional Team Performance. More

May 2002: Mr. Peter R. Zurawski received the Overall Excellence in Research Award (single award) from the Office of the President, Illinois Institute of Technology, for the undergraduate research titled "Design and Operation of a Single-Phase DC/AC PWM Inverter for Vehicular Applications" performed in Grainger Power Electronics and Motor Drives Laboratory.

April 2002: Prof. Emadi received the University Excellence in Teaching Award (single award), Illinois Institute of Technology. More

March 2002: Two new ECE labs, The Grainger Lab of Power Electronics and the Grainger Lab of Electric Motor Drives, officially dedicated. more with photos of the Grainger Laboratory Dedication Ceremony...

February 2002: Prof. Emadi of the Grainger Power Electronics and Motor Drives Laboratory launches the IIT Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team. More

January 2002: Chicago Tribune published an Op-Ed written by Dr. Emadi titled "Look Behind the Fuel-Cell Smokescreen" on Sunday, January 27, 2002.

November 2001: Prof. Emadi received the Best Paper Presentation Award at the IEEE 27th Industrial Electronics Conference, Denver, Colorado.

August 2001: Prof. Emadi co-presented an invited paper titled "42V Automotive Power Systems" at the 2001 SAE Future Transportation Technology Conference, Costa Mesa, CA.
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