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Previous Post-Doctoral and Visiting Scholars | Previous Ph.D. Students | Previous M.S. Thesis Students
Previous Post-Doctoral and Visiting Scholars
Ms. Meral Altinay
Visiting Scholar
Kocaeli University, Turkey (April 2004 - July 2005)
Research Topic: Modeling and Control of PWM Rectifiers
Dr. Ayse Ergun Amac
Visiting Scholar
Kocaeli University, Turkey (July 2002 - July 2005)
Research Topic: Active Power Filters and Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Prof. Abdolreza Rahmati
Visiting Professor
Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran (Sept. 2004 - May 2005)
Research Topic: Digital Control and Power Management in Power Electronics
Mr. Osman Tor
Visiting Scholar
Middle East Technical University, (2004-2005)
Research Topic: Restructuring Models for Turkey
Prof. Xiaohua Jiang
Visiting Professor
Zhongshan University, China (March 2004 - July 2004)
Research Topic: Digital Control of Advanced Motor Drives and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Prof. Sung Chul Oh
Visiting Professor
Korea University of Technology and Education, Korea (Sept. 2002 - Sept. 2003)
Research Topic: Modeling of Power Trains for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Dr. Z. Li, GEMS Corporation, (2002-2003): Probabilistic Transmission Risk Analysis
Dr. Y. Wang, Tianjin University, PRC, (1999-2003): Distributed Energy Management Systems
Dr. H. Shanechi
Ferdowsi University, Iran, (2001)
Research Topic: Distributed Generation Technologies
Dr. M. Alomoush, University of Jordan, (1999-2000): A Comprehensive Approach for the Supervisory Control of a Deregulated Power System
Dr. M. Marwali, Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, Indonesia, (1998): Reliability-Centered Maintenance Scheduling in Deregulated Power Systems
Dr. X. Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Harbin Institute of Technology, PRC (1995-1996): Power Systems Voltage Stability
Dr. R. Ferrero, Electrical Engineering Department, University of San Juan, Argentina (1994-1996): Game Theory and Applications to Power Systems
Prof. S. Zhu, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tsinghua University, PRC (1994-1995): Power Plants Control and Operation
Dr. X. Bai, Electric Power Research Institute, Beijing, PRC (1994-1995): Regional Power Transfer and Hydro-thermal Power Systems Deregulation
Dr. K. Abdul-Rahman, Siemens Corporation (1993-1994): Optimal Generation Scheduling by Augmented Relaxation Method
Dr. I. Roytelman, Kiev Research and Design Institute, Kiev, USSR (1992-1993): Power Distribution Automation Techniques
Prof. M. Pourkermani, Electrical Engineering Department, Technical University of Stuttgart, Germany (1991-1992): Special Purpose Synchronous Machines
Dr. S. Li, Research Institute of Electric Light Source Material, Nanjing, PRC (1990-1991): Objected Oriented Graphics in Power Systems
Prof. S. Sun, Electrical Engineering Department, Tsinghua University, PRC (1986-1989): Power Systems Planning Techniques in China
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Previous Ph.D. Students
Sheldon S. Williamson
May 2006

: Efficiency Modeling and Analysis of Power Electronic Converters and Electric Motor Drives for Parallel Hybrid Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles
Alireza Khaligh
May 2006

: Digital Control of DC/DC Converters Loaded by Constant Power Loads in Vehicular Systems
Yong Fu
May 2006

Tao Li
May 2006

Claudio H. Rivetta (July 2005), Nonlinear Analysis and Control of DC-DC Power Converters Feeding Downstream Power Converters
Zhong Nie
May 2005

Dissertation: Integrated Switched-Mode Power Supplies
Aly A. Aboulnaga
June 2004

Dissertation: Generalized Theory of Magnetic Integration for Power Electronic Converters
Adel Nasiri
June 2004

Dissertation: Series-Parallel Active Filter/Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems: Configurations, Modeling, and Digital Control
Mehdi Ferdowsi
June 2004

Dissertation: Advanced Digital Controls for Integrated Power Electronic Converters
Stoyan B. Bekiarov
May 2004

Dissertation: Reduced-Parts Uninterruptible Power Supplies
B. Lu

Dissertation: Security Constraint Unit Commitment with Flexible Operating Conditions
Current Position: Research Engineer, Seimens Corporation
Bruce E. Dunne (May 2003), Adaptive Total Least Squares Filtering
Rifat Hacioglu (May 2002), Volterra Based Nonlinear System Identification Using Fixed Pole Approach
Z. Li

Dissertation: Asset Valuation and Risk Analysis in Electric Power Systems
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology
H. Yamin

Dissertation: Pricing Ancillary Services in a Deregulated System
M. Alomoush

Dissertation: Auctionable Fixed Transmission Rights for Congestion Management
E. Rezania (1998): Contingency Constrained Available Transfer Capability with Real and Reactive Power Limits using an Interior Point Method
J. Kavicky (1997): Application of Parallel Path in Transmission Open Access
M. Marwali (1997): Transmission and Generation Maintenance Scheduling with Different Time Scales
H. Ma (1997): Applications of Decomposition Techniques to Unit Commitment with Transmission Flow and Voltage Constraints
R. Ferrero (1997): Application of Game Theory with Incomplete Information to Deregulated Power Systems
Sergio Zimmermann (May 1996), Subband Vector Space Adaptive Filtering
Qi Fan (July 1995), A Class of Robust Order Statistic Estimators with Application to Cardiac Rate Estimation
Yifeng Fu (December 1994), Adaptive Algorithms Using Order Statistic Based Gradient Estimate
K. Abdul-Rahman (1994): Applications of Fuzzy Sets to Power Systems Operation and Planning
C. Wang (1992): Fuzzy Artificial Intelligence Approach to Optimal Generation Scheduling of Large-Scale Hydro-Thermal Power Systems with Uncertain Data
C. Nwankpa

Dissertation: Stochastic Models for Power System Dynamic Stability Analysis
Z. Ouyang (1990): Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Short Term Electric Power Generation Scheduling
N. Deeb (1989): Decomposition Approach to Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch in Large Scale Power Systems
S. Tong (1989): Generation Scheduling in Large Scale Hydro Thermal Power Systems with Fuel Constrained Units
N. Abbasy

Dissertation: Optimal Set of Measurements for Estimation of System States
S. Shah (1988): Expert Systems Application to Power Network Security Analysis
J. Qiu (1987): Effect of Random Perturbations on Power Systems Reliability Evaluation
X. Shu (1986, with Professor Semyon Meerkov): Vibrational Control in Lumped and Distributed Parameter Systems: Theory and Applications
J. Banda (1985): Evaluation of Surge Protection in Underground Distribution Systems Using Zinc Oxide Surge Arresters
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Previous M.S. Thesis Students
Sanjaka G. Wirasingha
May 2006

Thesis: Hybrid Electric Conversion of Heavy-Duty Transit Buses
A. Khan
May 2006

Sujay S. Irudayaraj
July 2005

Thesis: Micro-Machines: Classification, Analysis, and Design
D. Patil (2005): Design of Batteries for Electric Cars
J. Bui (2005): Hydrogen Economy
Piyush C. Desai
May 2004

Thesis: Novel Digital Control of Brush-Less DC Motor Drives
Fernando Rodriguez
May 2004

Thesis: Conduction-Angle Digital Control of Brush-Less DC (BLDC) Motor Drives for Electric Power Steering Applications
Madan M. Jalla
May 2004

Thesis: Modeling of Multi-Converter More Electric Ship Power Systems using the Generalized State Space Averaging Method
Srdjan M. Lukic
May 2004

Thesis: Low-Voltage (42V) Electrical Power Systems for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
R. Pegallapati

Thesis: Small Hydro as Green Power
M. Phadke (2004): Equivalent Energy Function Approach to Photovoltaic-Utility Systems
A. Koshi (2004): Superconductors in Electric Power Systems
S. Sood (2004): Power Generation at Brownfields
N. Sriram

Thesis: Biomass in Electric Power Systems
A. Joseph (2004): Battery and Storage in Electric Power Systems
S. Kullanthasamy

Thesis: Asset Management in Power Systems
S. Sheth

Thesis: Geothermal Energy in Power Systems
Milankumar Bhensdadia (May 2004), Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Generalized Volterra Models
Venkata (Chowdary) S. Rimmalapudi
Nov. 2003

Thesis: Modeling and Analysis of Hybrid Power Electronic Based Distributed Generation Systems
Shigeru Onoda
July 2003

Thesis: PSIM-Based Modeling of Automotive Power Systems: Conventional, Electric, and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Ranjit Jayabalan
May 2003

Thesis: Acceleration Support by Integrated Starter/Alternator for Automotive Applications
Yogesh P. Patel
May 2003

Thesis: Thyristor-Based Resonant Current Controlled Switched Reluctance Generator for Distributed Generation
Ritesh Oza
May 2003

Thesis: Synchronous Rectification for Integrated High-Quality Rectifier-Regulators
P. Ganesan

Thesis: Transmission Management in Restructured Power Systems
G. Ponnuvel

Thesis: Impact of Losses on Transmission Pricing
Sheldon S. Williamson
July 2002

Thesis: Power Electronic Converters for Fuel Cell Applications
A. Eybalin (2002): Restructuring Models for European Countries
M. Albaijat (1999): Optimal Power Flow Calculation with Evolutionary Programming
N. Maricar (1998): An Object Oriented Programming Approach to Power System Visualization
D. Mardijino (1998): Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Short-Term Load Forecasting
Dibyava Ghosh (December 1998), Subband Adaptive Equalizers for Simultaneous Training and Data Transmission
Hari S. Rao (December 1996), On the Effects of Training Sequence Length in Adaptive Equalizers
Rifat Hacioglu (December 1996), Output Error Identification with Observer Based Regressor Filtering Algorithm
Arindam A. Roy (May 1995), On the Design of Identification Procedures for Controller Performance
James P. Ashley (December 1994), Cascade Form Structures for Adaptive Infinite Impulse Response Filtering
M. Marwali (1994): Fuzzy Least Median Square Estimator in Power Systems
M. Yesioglo (1993): Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems by Artificial Neural Networks
K. Labudda (1992): Fuzzy Linear Programming Approach to Power System State Estimation
Daniel L. Crabtree (December 1992), On the Control of Second Order Systems with a Positive Limited Input
J. Qiu (1985): A New Approach to Power Loss Minimization
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